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Sponsored by The Abbey Hotel, Southgate Street.

Restaurants, Cafes, Public Houses

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Takeaways (Collect and Delivery)

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Country Pubs, Restaurants and Cafes

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Hotels, Cottages, Other places to stay.

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Places to visit in town and beyond

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Entertainment, Activities, Sport & Performances

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Festivals, Events, Performances, Markets

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Independent Shops, Flourists etc

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Hairdressers, Nail Bars, Beauty Salons

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Taxis, Mini Cabs, Chauffeur Cars, Public Transport

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Car, Van, Scooter & Cycle Hire. Mobility Hire

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Bury St Edmunds is a matket town. Weekly market days are Wednesday and Saturday. The Christmas Market is one of the largest in England. See 'Festivals, Events, Town and Farmers Markets' above.

The following web-sites contain lots of relevant information that will help you enjoy your stay in Bury St Edmunds.

The Abbey Hotel

The Abbey Hotel

The Abbey Hotel. ‘A Country House in central Bury St Edmunds, England’. Housekeepers Kamila, Natasha and Nina maintain the integrity of the house and ensure you are well looked after.